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Improving Employment Opportunities in the Labour Market for Marginalised Communities

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Dissemination Activities

Dissemination is a key aspect of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, as it is an essential element in making projects sustainable beyond the funding period. It is important that every opportunity is availed of in relation to mainstreaming the outcomes of the project.

Definition: the process of information -giving and awareness raising of the project.

What are the key features of the Dissemination Plan?

The key features for the Dissemination Plan is what to disseminate, when, and to whom and how.

It was agreed that all regular dissemination actions by all partners would be forwarded to Elena Čermáková (who ha responsibility for Evaluation and Dissemination in the Project) on a monthly over the life of the project. A gathering sheet has been devised for this specific purpose (see sheet below). This information gathered will be used in compiling the Final Report in relation to Dissemination Actions associated with the project. It was decided that dissemination shouldn’t just happen at the end of the project; it needed to be on-going throughout the life of the project. All partners were given the responsibility of ensuring that dissemination was happening in the project. So every opportunity will be availed of, for this purpose. Therefore, all products produced were to be in a format that can be used for dissemination purposes. Generally the outcomes of our project will be in  Report form either in Word format or PDF format  and will be located on our partnership website. (

Dissemination will happen by using the following mechanisms:

·         Development of a Website.

·         Regular publications in newsletters/journals associated with the target group

·         Inputs at national conferences

·         Raising the awareness of the project within our own respective networks

·         Publication of Brochure to give some background information on the Project

·         Development of networks at European level who work closely with the target audience for the project.


Dissemination will happen throughout the life time of the project.

This section contains links to dissemination actions of the project and its outcomes undertaken by partners. Activities of each partner are avilable in the "Dissemination Activities" menu on the left or under links provided below:

1. Dissemination Activities of Czech partner EDUCA.  

2. Dissemination Activities of Czech partner Labour Office CR, Local Office Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic - part 1.

3. Dissemination Activities of Czech partner Labour Office CR, Local Office Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic - part 2.

4. Dissemination Activities of Turkish partner Trabzon Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü.

5. Dissemination Activities of Polish Partner The Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office.





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