Improving opportunities

Improving Employment Opportunities in the Labour Market for Marginalised Communities

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Settings for people with eyesight problem

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Partnership Meeting - Ennis (Ireland) 24 – 26 October 2012

1. Presentation "Overview of Programme Meetings Social Programme" by Irish partner (English language).

2. Presentation "Long-term unemployed – causes and proposals how to solve unemployment" by Czech partner (English language).

3. Presentation "English Language Programmes in Co. Clare" by Irish partner (English language).

4. Presentation "Review of Supports for Unemployed People" by Irish partner (English language).

5. Presentation "Evaluation and Dissemination" by Irish partner (English language).

6. Presentation "Early School Leaving - Final report" by Polish partner (English language).

7. Presentation "University of Limerick Access Programme" by Irish partner (English language).

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