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1. Labour Office in Jablonec nad Nisou.

The Labour Office in Jablonec nad Nisou is a state funded unit responsible for employment.  70 employees work with the organisation in the region of Jablonec nad Nisou.  The Labour Office is not only engaged in the mediation of employment for applicants, but is also responsible for improvement of services such as offering counselling services in the area of employment, choosing career and life-long learning.  The Labour Office is co-operating closely with employers on the labour market in order to create new jobs under the support of various state grants or European Union funds.  The main task of the Labour Office is to achieve as near as possible full and productive employment in the region of Jablonec nad Nisou.  This task is supported mainly by actively promoting employment in the Czech labour market and also the European labour market - for example, activities such as vocational guidance services, unemployment support, assistance in choosing further education and training, information on vacancies and placement services, European Employment Services EURES, retraining, employment of people with disabilities, supporting the creation of new jobs, projects supported by EU, state social support benefits, assessment physicians, etc.

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2. EDUCA - vzdělávací centrum, s.r.o.

EDUCA – vzdělávací centrum is a rather small private school based and functioning in the field of lifelong adult education. Educa prepares and organizes trainings in various skills: languages, IT, accountancy and taxes, soft-skills etc.
One of the main activities is preparation and realization of various language courses and trainings, translating and consulting services. The Centre uses modern, communicative methods of learning. Educa has experience with using European Language Portfolio and its methods of teaching/learning, methods of assessment and self-assessment, also flexible teaching/learning and other methods, sugestopedia, multiform teaching, ...
Educa is certified by the CZ Ministry of Education, provides accredited courses for teaching professionals and re qualification courses and as such have the authority to award re qualification certificates with nation-wide validity. for the following courses: Basic PC Operation, PC Operation, Accountancy, Tax Records, and a number of other courses, for example for Primary and Secondary school  leavers, "hands-on" or PC-based courses, with or without English language modules.      
We also participated in different projects and have broad experience in teaching Czech to immigrants and asylum seekers.                                                                                           
The broad spectrum of its students ranges from secondary school learners to senior citizens and from professionals to unemployed.
Educa is prepared for ISO quality certification and is very much interested in quality management topics.                                                                                                             

The centre has experience in national and international projects. The staff and teachers participated in several projects in the frame of Sokrates, Grundtvig, in Leonardo mobility projects and Lingua.                                                                                       
Educa is a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Czech Association for Adult Education, and the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic.

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3. Co Clare VEC (National Co-ordination Unit for Senior Traveller Training Centres).

The National Co-ordination Unit is hosted by Co Clare VEC.  The National Co-ordinator is employed by the Department of Education and Science to monitor the development of the network of Senior Traveller Training Centres ("STTCs") which are funded directly by this Department.  The National Co-ordinator is based in the National Co-ordination Unit.  The National Co-ordinator provides general support and guidance to the STTC network.  In conjunction with Co Clare VEC, the National Co-ordination Unit provides ongoing policy support to the STTC network.  The STTC network provides education and training programmes to members of the adult Traveller community in a segregated educational environment.  It is envisaged that the lack of representation of Travellers in the Labour Market will be explored in the project.  The National Co-ordinator will have direct access to the barriers faced by Travellers in accessing the Labour Market through his role within the network.  The issue of the poor take-up of Travellers in employment will be one of the themes which will examined at one of the host seminar/conference within the partnership.  

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4. The Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office.

The Lower Silesian Regional Labour Office (Dolnośląski Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy) is an organisational unit of the self-governmental administration.  The role of the DWUP is as follows:
1) analysing the labour market and identifying future employment opportunities,
2) realising the activities co-financed from the European Social Fund,
3) realising the activities based on the law for free movement of workers between the EU member countries, including providing the EURES services,
4) organisation, co-ordination and providing of the services of the vocational counselling and information and the development of them in the area of the Lower Silesian Wolvodship,
5) exploring, preparing and publicising vocational information in the area of the woivodship,
6) co-ordination of life-long learning activities for long-term unemployed,
7) co-operation between educational institutions and specific employment opportunities in the labour market.

The organisational structure of the DWUP - among other - consists of 4 professional teams called "The Centre of Information and the Planning of Professional Career", localised in: Jelenia Gora, Legnica, Walbrzych and Wroclaw. These teams work with many clients including the target groups specified for our project: members from marginalised communities who have difficulties accessing direct employment in the labour market, having poor participation in education and training programmes and having identified educational and learning disabilities. This office will provide in the project  contacts with labour market organizations and academic research, including trends in relation to the labour market in Poland.   

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5. Trabzon Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Trabzon Provincial Directorate of National Education is a governmental public authority and  in our province there are with 37880 students/learners at vocational secondary schools; 5 Vocational Education Centres and 13 public education centres  with 17516 students. 72,96%  of Vocational Education Centres and Vocational High School’s students (12779) come from the rural areas, from social-economical disadvantaged families and also most of the students are from families with economical restrictions as unemployment is the main problem in our region. And also most of our students come from problematic, disadvantaged families, environment; so they aren’t appreciated ones by the society. We are planning to work with especially apprentices, headworkers and masters because of the fact that there is a big number of marginalised groups including them. We are also working with this group to decrease the period of Long-term unemployment for people accessing the Labour Market with the help of Practice Firms so we cooperate with our Vocational Education centre in a LDV project which is called “Innovative Learning Tools in Vocational Education” ( ). Also as being Trabzon provincial Directorate of National Education, we would like to establish Practice Firms National Central office in our province soon so we are in contact with the Europe Practice Enterprises Network (

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